Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm still alive!

Wow I haven't visited my own blog in along time! That is because I stay very busy on my main website!! My $5.00 squidoo lens sale has been very popular and I am staying very busy making new lenses for squidoo lensmasters to purchase and turn into money makers!

Just in case you are looking for fast and easy recipes, I have just the site for you! My latest project is with Squidoo lensmaster and cooking genius (I know cause I have ate her food!) TabbyCakes! Come visit our brand new recipe blog that features Fast and Easy Recipes! If you have any recipe squidoo lenses, then drop us an email and we might just feature your recipe squidoo lens on our site!

As always, if you need to have a custom Squidoo lens built for your website, or if you would like to purchase any of my $5.00 Squidoo lenses please send me an email at!

I may still occasionally come back here and share a tip or two! For now my biggest tip is just don't give up and continue creating more squidoo lenses! There is strength in numbers!

Come see my @


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