Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm still alive!

Wow I haven't visited my own blog in along time! That is because I stay very busy on my main website!! My $5.00 squidoo lens sale has been very popular and I am staying very busy making new lenses for squidoo lensmasters to purchase and turn into money makers!

Just in case you are looking for fast and easy recipes, I have just the site for you! My latest project is with Squidoo lensmaster and cooking genius (I know cause I have ate her food!) TabbyCakes! Come visit our brand new recipe blog that features Fast and Easy Recipes! If you have any recipe squidoo lenses, then drop us an email and we might just feature your recipe squidoo lens on our site!

As always, if you need to have a custom Squidoo lens built for your website, or if you would like to purchase any of my $5.00 Squidoo lenses please send me an email at!

I may still occasionally come back here and share a tip or two! For now my biggest tip is just don't give up and continue creating more squidoo lenses! There is strength in numbers!

Come see my @

Friday, January 15, 2010

Personalised Baby Gifts

I would like to introduce you to a great company called Simply Wooden Gifts
At Simply Wooden Gifts website, you will find some great personalised gifts for young children. Gifts for children like Personalised Door Name Plates, Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles, and even some Personalised Pencils and Cases.
As you can see, Simply Wooden Gifts has a very unique selection of wooden personalised gifts for children. When you need a birthday or Christmas present for a child, stop by Simply Wooden Gifts and see their nice selection gifts for children!

Simply Wooden Gifts is a family run Scottish company established in 2006 to provide Personalised Gifts for Children.
Christening Gifts Pencils & Pencil Cases Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Height Charts Name Jigsaws Phonic Jigsaws Door Name Plates Door Hangers Name In A Frame

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who wants low cost insurance?

My blog here was gathering some cobwebs and dustballs, so I figured what better way to clean the place up and add some fresh content than to tell you about my latest lens creation for is all about low cost insurance! The lens goes into detail about the basics of insurance for your home, auto, and business. The folks at has the means to help you save on your insurance needs and educate you at the same time about all types of insurance.
So if you have a minute, come check out the lens I am talking about, It is titled Low Cost Insurance!

This lens was built with tender loving care by

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Win a free squidoo lens

Brand Awareness We all have heard the term right! But how do you make your brand name more known? These are the days that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are growing huge. If your brand is not on these sites, you are loosing valuable visitors and followers for your brand.
My brand is and I am branching out to these social sites just like I am telling you to do! My latest is a new Twitter Account for  I will be twittering about specials and discounted offers for my lens building service!

I am going to offer a Free Basic Squidoo lens to one of my followers after I hit my 100th follower.
After i get the 100th follower on twitter, I will pick one follower at random and build one custom built squidoo lens on the topic of your choice.

Twitter Follow


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do You Zazzle?

Do you ever think of using when you are adding products to your lenses? You don't have to have products yourself. You can find Zazzle products from any gallery that fits the theme of your lens. is free to sign up. They pay up to 15% royalty on referral links. Squidoo has a Zazzle module, but it sometimes can give mixed results. Plus the module shows 3, 6 or 9 products, and I like to be specific with just one product that I really like and think fits the theme of the lens.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What can Squidoo do for you?

 How to you get visitors to your brand new website?
So you just put up your brand new website! It looks nice, got some cool or pretty banners, you have all your products showcased just the way you want them. Best sellers up front! Big grand opening! Watching your traffic stats all day, waiting, waiting. Hey what gives... why doesn't anyone like my website?
Ah yes! You got it, you have to advertise. That's where Squidoo comes in. You can build a lens around your topic and link to your website, your blog, your facebook, twitter account, even use your videos from
A Squidoo lens, if built right, can rank very well in the search engines for your keyphrase and keywords. They can get listed fast with just a little promotion and start driving visitors right to the front door of your website!

Check this out... My Squidoo lens about a hashbrown casserole recipe that we love around my house is ranked at #4 on Google for Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Not to bad! I got one better...
My Squash Casserole Recipe lens is ranked #3 for the search term Squash Casserole Recipe.

I can go on and on showing you where I rank in Squidoo. Or, I could help you get yourself ranked there to! I am rebuilding lenses and building new lenses for clients right now! If you have some stale lenses sitting in your account, check out my webspage @ and I will be glad to re work those lenses for you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Got a Todays Best Award!

Today I was checking Zazzle and happened to look at the Todays Best page and about choked when I noticed  my Rock n Roll Skull Postage Stamp being featured! Wow and it is sitting in a brand new gallery too called Back Stage T-shirts and Gifts for rock n roll music lovers!
The tip I want to share here is that if you keep adding designs and starting new shops with new themes, you keep growing! You get awards and then that product rises in the market place. So far today I have 5 votes on a brand new postage stamp at Zazzle. Maybe it will make a sale soon!