Monday, August 31, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Alternatives

Living a healthy lifestyle s not that complicated. Just buy the right foods, prepare them the right way, exercise often, get plenty of outdoors time. If you are one of those people that just needs the right information to get started living a healthy life style, then check out this squidoo lens...

Healthy Lifestyle Alternatives

Michelle will teach you about the superfoods you should include in your diet. Foods like Blueberries. tomatoes, and green tea. Michelle also teaches you a simple breathing exercise that can help reduce stress.

There is a great Blueberry Buzz Smoothie Recipe featured that you will love!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Squidoo Lens Tip of the Week!

I bet you wonder sometimes about what you can do to freshen up your lens. You know, google and yahoo search engines loves fresh content. So if you can give your lenses fresh content about once a week, your gonna rank a lot better on the search results for your search terms.
So, what are you gonna add to a lens that is already pretty full? Well, go back and look at your lens. Did you fill in the description area for those youtube videos? How about on the Amazon spotlight module? Do you fill in all your sub titles for each module? If you have any areas for text you haven't used yet, then there is your chance for some fresh content.
It doesn't have to be much! Just a sentence, maybe a paragraph of text will be enough to give the search engines some fresh content!

More fresh content ideas!

  • Add a new youtube video
  • Change out an amazon product
  • Add an eBay product
  • Add a link list module
  • Add a Featured Lens module
  • Add a Featured Lensmaster Module
  • Add a Blackbox Module
  • Add Bold tags to your main keywords
  • Add title tags to your links
  • Add alt tags to your images
The main thing is, just make some changes. Changes of any kind and a fresh publish can help your visitors stats change over night!
A good example of this is my State Quarters Collectors Lens. This lens is one of my favorites, because I love to collect the state quarters. I have several state quarter coin folders full right now! With this lens, I had somehow managed to kill all traffic to it earlier in the year. But I added the lens to my weekly edit list and it has slowly came back to life! After several weeks of edits, it has finally got some visitors again!

So add a label to your dashboard. Label it weekly edits, then add your best lenses to that label. Keep them with fresh content, then come back here and comment with your results!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Endangered Animal Species

When the Critters in a Jam company contacted me about building their website a squidoo lens, I was very excited to get started. You see Critters in a Jam is a very unique gift idea for animal lovers.

Here is how Critters in a Jam describes their product...

We take a plush toy animal, currently listed on The Endangered Species List, and place it into a plastic replica of a typical jelly jar. The animal is slightly larger than the jar, causing the animal to be "squashed" into the jar giving the appearance of being a

What these are is a stuffed animal that is on the endangered animal species list is stuffed inside a Jam jar. The label gives information about each endangered animal. The coolest part is each time Critters in Jam gets a sale, they give $1.00 to the National Wildlife Federation to help support endangered animals.

Purple Star for CrueFest 2009 Lens

I had the privileged of getting an email from Squidoo today telling me they have awarded my CrueFest 2009 Motley Crue lens a purple star award! Squidoo officials hand out purple stars on a randow basis to lensmasters who have built an exceptional squidoo lens. Well somehow one of those squidoo official peoples wandered onto my Motley Crue Cruefest 2009 lens and decided it was good enough to be awarded a purple star!
Oh it feels good to have another purple star! This one makes my 4th purple star awarded to my lenses.
The others are...
Bruce Lee The Little Dragon
1968 Chevy Camaro
2010 Chevy Camaro

If you are interested, I can build a high quality squidoo lens as well as any of these purple star lenses for you and your website, or blog! If you need to get better visitors to your website, then you should visit mine first! Check out and let me help you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stun Guns, Mace, Pepper Spray and Squidoo

What does Stun Guns, Policeman's Mace, Pepper Spray Defense and Squidoo all have in common? They are all the newest topics of lenses I have created this week! Chuck from wanted to get the word out about all the Self Defense Products he has for sale. So he has been hooked up with some great looking squidoo lenses now!

Don't become a victim! Protect yourself now!

Self Defense Products for Women

Featured on Frontpage of

Today it was pretty cool to hear from a friend of mine that one of my truck driver t-shirts designs was being featured on the frontpage of! This design features a grungy floral scroll background with an Eagle, The Route 66 roadsign, and an 18 wheeler. A great looking t-shirt or gift for any one who drives trucks for a living!
Truck Driving T-shirts

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for Halloween Lenses

Many of you know to be ahead of holidays by at least two months when you build your squidoo lenses. So that means you need to be thinking about making Halloween Squidoo lenses right now! I have resurrected my KISS Halloween Costumes lens up from the dead! Dusted it off, added some new products and am starting to promote the lens now. People will be shopping for Halloween Costumes by the beginning of October, so you need to be ready.
I also built a dear friend of mine a Squidoo lens about Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes.

For new Squidoo lensmasters who may not be aware of the squidoo template for halloween squidoo lenses, take a peak at Squidboo!

Make your lenses now, or dig out your halloween lenses from last year and freshen them up with new products and add more keywords. Halloween can be a big time on Squidoo for selling products off of your lenses. But your gonna need the visitors first! So go ahead, get them ready for Halloween now!

Space Shuttles and Space Station

The other day, a friend and me was chatting about the NASA Space Program. We were talking about the Space Shuttles and their role in building the International Space Station. We were trying to find out certain information about the space program. I decided to search Squidoo to see what my fellow lensmasters had built about the topic. I was pretty shocked to see so few lenses on the subject.
So you know what my first thought was.... that's right, time to get building! So without further ado... I would like to present to you... a lens about the

The International Space Station got it's first nuts and bolts in 1998. Over 11 years later, the International Space Station has become a floating truck stop in space for astronauts from many countries. All taking a part in the construction of this massive International Space Station

and a lens about.....

The Space Shuttle Enterprise never saw orbital space flight as it was originally built to do. Instead NASA used the Space Shuttle Enterprise for many test throughout the years. The Space Shuttle Enterprise was finally retired and turned over to the Smithsonian Institution in 1985, where it became a museum exhibit! Space Shuttle Enterprise

Friday, August 14, 2009

Keep the squidoo lens fresh!

My blog here is a perfect example of letting your content get stale! I haven't posted a new blog here since May 10th! Google has came and goon several times and walked away unhappy because the google bots didn't find anything new to chew on.
So my Squidoo Help Topic will be Freshness!

Ok so you built that squidoo lens about 2 months ago, you haven't edited since the first time you published it, and now your wondering why google hasnt shown it any love and send you thousands of visitors, right?
It's because you havent done any more work on it! Google loves fresh content! Relevent fresh content is even better! So go ahead, open up your favorite lens in edit mode and let's make some changes, or add some new content.

There is always more you can include on your squidoo lens.
Did you add a link list module? Having links for your visitor to click on will help your lens rank better. Each time a visitor clicks a link you have on your lens, it counts as a click out. How about adding another Video Module? I'm sure your visitors will love to see another video on your topic. The main thing is, add some more content. Make the content relevent to your topic. So the next time google stops by to rank your site, you have some fresh content for the google bot to chew on!

Fast Fact about Squidoo Lens:
Did you know the google bot will come by more often if you make regular updates to your squidoo lens!

Now if I could just practice what I am preaching with my blog here, I would get all kinds of traffic!

As always, if you need any help, I am at our service!