Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Fishing T-shirts

Today I wrapped up my latest lens! I have built a lens for Funny Fishing T-shirts! This zazzle gallery is home to some of the funniest fishing t-shirts on the internet! If you want a good laugh during your next fishing trip, you should check out these funny fishing t-shirts! If you are needing to earn some money from affliate products or your own products on zazzle or cafepress, then check out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cafepress Makes terrible decision

Most of my lens building customers have been Cafepress shop owners! With the email we all received today, I know all of you are feeling the same pain I feel. For those of you who aren't aware... is making changes! Big changes, the type of changes that effects a lot of people. They are re branding. Changing algorithms and going with a flat price for products throughout their marketplace.
What does that mean for cafepress shop keepers? They will be giving us only 10% for any sales made through the marketplace. If you want to set your prices higher on your own shop, you can do that, but you compete against your own design in the cafepress marketplace!
The cafepress forums are on fire right now with some very upset shop owners. I am included! Thank God I have the freedom of Speech on my own blog here.
Zazzle is going to over take Cafepress with this move! You can bet on that! So how are your zazzle shops? Do you have them polished up? How about your squidoo lenses?
I tell you what, this deal sucks for us, but if you need a squidoo lens to promote your Zazzle gallery, then consider this my CAFEPRESS SUCKS sale.. Tell me you want a Zazzle lens because cafepress sucks, and I will give it to you for half off the regular package price! Sorry, I can't go any lower on my basic price though, those suckers are just to much work to do that cheap! So this deal is for a 50 or 100.00 lens! Contact me....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Squidoo Awards Bruce Lee a Purple Star!

There is huge news running around Squidoo today! Some Squidoo folks are seeing purple! Purple Stars that is! Squidoo has finally released the long anticipated purple stars! I was one of the very lucky few to be awarded a purple star! Squidoo awarded my lens of the day winner Bruce Lee lens! Go ahead and look! Check out that cool looking purple star! Click on the star to learn more about purple stars! This Bruce Lee lens was one of my very first lenses that I created. So of course, I have done some major editing to it! It is probably the most in depth Bruce Lee single page on the internet!
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If you happen to be a Bruce Lee fan, you might appreciate this...

Blog post continues...
Purple Stars is a perk for the Giants club at Squidoo. If you are a Giant, you can submit your lenses to Squidoo to be considered for a Purple Star. Only 6 a week will be awarded.!

I wasn't the only Squidoo lensmaster to be awarded a purple star! Many of the big heavy hitters at Squidoo got a purple star! That is because the Top 100 club got first crack at the purple stars!

Here are the lenses that got a Purple Star!

Best Tres Leches Coconut Macaroons

Blankets for Soldiers and Veterans

Blended Matcha

Bruce Lee - The Little Dragon

Dolphin Swim in the Florida Keys

Falling In Love…..

Fantasy and Animal Sculpture by Noadi’s Art

Kindle Wireless Reading Device from Amazon

Make Your Own Fairy Wings

Mount St. Helens

My Ten Favorite National Parks

Planning a US Road Trip: The Southern Route

Save The Children Organization | International Charity Alliance | Compassion

Squidconomy - The Economics of Squidoo

Stuffed Cabbage

Tangerine - Spring’s Hottest Color

Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009

Would You Trade Your Daughter for a Cow?

Zazzle 101

(if I link to all these squidoo pages, blogger would shut me down! So go to and paste the title to the lens and you will find the lens!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

First page of google!

A long time ago I decided to share my version of Southern Hashbrown Casserole recipe with the rest of the world! My hashbrown lens has always produced decent traffic and has been a top tier lens since the first week I published it! The lens always had around 400-500 visits a week. Which I felt was very good!
I have edited this lens maybe 100 times since my first publish. Always making sure that there was some fresh text and keywords for google to chew on on it's next visit! After my most recent edit, something magic happened! The next day, the lens had an extra 50 or so visits, then the day after that it had an extra 100 visits, and it has just kept going from there! Today the traffic stands at 1,298 visits for the last 7 days!
When a squidoo lens jumps like that, you usually start wondering what happened and start to investigate! So I check the stats to see where the traffic is coming from, yep google is sending me some great traffic! The biggest search term used is hashbrown casserole! So I type that into and sure enough, there sits my hashbrown casserole lens at number 4!
Well number 4 is great, but I can not stand to see those 3 sites ahead of me! So off I go to make some fresh edits to my hashbrown casserole lens!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why wait for lensrank to update!

As I am sitting here today waiting for Squidoo to update the lensrank for the day, I got to thinking, why wait for Squidoo to run it's update, so I bolted on over and pick an out of date lens and got busy on it! I will now consider that a bonus update! I could have sat here and waited while doing nothing, but it only makes since to go ahead and get some more editing done! Adding more keywords or anything to pull in a little more traffic from google and get those visits or sales!