Friday, April 10, 2009

First page of google!

A long time ago I decided to share my version of Southern Hashbrown Casserole recipe with the rest of the world! My hashbrown lens has always produced decent traffic and has been a top tier lens since the first week I published it! The lens always had around 400-500 visits a week. Which I felt was very good!
I have edited this lens maybe 100 times since my first publish. Always making sure that there was some fresh text and keywords for google to chew on on it's next visit! After my most recent edit, something magic happened! The next day, the lens had an extra 50 or so visits, then the day after that it had an extra 100 visits, and it has just kept going from there! Today the traffic stands at 1,298 visits for the last 7 days!
When a squidoo lens jumps like that, you usually start wondering what happened and start to investigate! So I check the stats to see where the traffic is coming from, yep google is sending me some great traffic! The biggest search term used is hashbrown casserole! So I type that into and sure enough, there sits my hashbrown casserole lens at number 4!
Well number 4 is great, but I can not stand to see those 3 sites ahead of me! So off I go to make some fresh edits to my hashbrown casserole lens!

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