Friday, April 17, 2009

Squidoo Awards Bruce Lee a Purple Star!

There is huge news running around Squidoo today! Some Squidoo folks are seeing purple! Purple Stars that is! Squidoo has finally released the long anticipated purple stars! I was one of the very lucky few to be awarded a purple star! Squidoo awarded my lens of the day winner Bruce Lee lens! Go ahead and look! Check out that cool looking purple star! Click on the star to learn more about purple stars! This Bruce Lee lens was one of my very first lenses that I created. So of course, I have done some major editing to it! It is probably the most in depth Bruce Lee single page on the internet!
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If you happen to be a Bruce Lee fan, you might appreciate this...

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Purple Stars is a perk for the Giants club at Squidoo. If you are a Giant, you can submit your lenses to Squidoo to be considered for a Purple Star. Only 6 a week will be awarded.!

I wasn't the only Squidoo lensmaster to be awarded a purple star! Many of the big heavy hitters at Squidoo got a purple star! That is because the Top 100 club got first crack at the purple stars!

Here are the lenses that got a Purple Star!

Best Tres Leches Coconut Macaroons

Blankets for Soldiers and Veterans

Blended Matcha

Bruce Lee - The Little Dragon

Dolphin Swim in the Florida Keys

Falling In Love…..

Fantasy and Animal Sculpture by Noadi’s Art

Kindle Wireless Reading Device from Amazon

Make Your Own Fairy Wings

Mount St. Helens

My Ten Favorite National Parks

Planning a US Road Trip: The Southern Route

Save The Children Organization | International Charity Alliance | Compassion

Squidconomy - The Economics of Squidoo

Stuffed Cabbage

Tangerine - Spring’s Hottest Color

Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009

Would You Trade Your Daughter for a Cow?

Zazzle 101

(if I link to all these squidoo pages, blogger would shut me down! So go to and paste the title to the lens and you will find the lens!)

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