Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats your 3 word keyphrase?

Squidoo Lens Help and Tips
The very first thing I think of before I begin any squidoo lens is "What will my 3 word keyphrase be?". When you build a lens, you need to focus on your chosen 3 word keyphrase. a 2 word keyphrase or a 4 word keyphrase are ok too, but 3 word keyphrase is optimal!
Then you approach your 3 word keyphrase every way possible. "3 word keyphrase" Videos, "3 word keyphrase" images, "3 word keyphrase" how to, "3 word keyphrase" ingredients(for recipe lenses), "3 word keyphrase" directions, and so forth! If you have chosen the right 3 word keyphrase, then you might just get lucky and nail that #1 spot on google for your "3 word keyphrase". Then the traffic Gods might shine down on your lens and send you many visitors!
There are many keyword tools sites to help you make a decision about what "3 word keyphrase" to use!
Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Search Based Keyword Tool

Those are two good ones to try out.

So next lens you start to build, ask yourself what your "3 word keyphrase" is going to be. Can you guess what my "3 word keyphrase" is for this post? Leave a comment and tell me what it is!

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