Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What can Squidoo do for you?

 How to you get visitors to your brand new website?
So you just put up your brand new website! It looks nice, got some cool or pretty banners, you have all your products showcased just the way you want them. Best sellers up front! Big grand opening! Watching your traffic stats all day, waiting, waiting. Hey what gives... why doesn't anyone like my website?
Ah yes! You got it, you have to advertise. That's where Squidoo comes in. You can build a lens around your topic and link to your website, your blog, your facebook, twitter account, even use your videos from youtube.com
A Squidoo lens, if built right, can rank very well in the search engines for your keyphrase and keywords. They can get listed fast with just a little promotion and start driving visitors right to the front door of your website!

Check this out... My Squidoo lens about a hashbrown casserole recipe that we love around my house is ranked at #4 on Google for Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Not to bad! I got one better...
My Squash Casserole Recipe lens is ranked #3 for the search term Squash Casserole Recipe.

I can go on and on showing you where I rank in Squidoo. Or, I could help you get yourself ranked there to! I am rebuilding lenses and building new lenses for clients right now! If you have some stale lenses sitting in your account, check out my webspage @ SquidBuilders.com and I will be glad to re work those lenses for you!

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