Friday, August 28, 2009

Squidoo Lens Tip of the Week!

I bet you wonder sometimes about what you can do to freshen up your lens. You know, google and yahoo search engines loves fresh content. So if you can give your lenses fresh content about once a week, your gonna rank a lot better on the search results for your search terms.
So, what are you gonna add to a lens that is already pretty full? Well, go back and look at your lens. Did you fill in the description area for those youtube videos? How about on the Amazon spotlight module? Do you fill in all your sub titles for each module? If you have any areas for text you haven't used yet, then there is your chance for some fresh content.
It doesn't have to be much! Just a sentence, maybe a paragraph of text will be enough to give the search engines some fresh content!

More fresh content ideas!

  • Add a new youtube video
  • Change out an amazon product
  • Add an eBay product
  • Add a link list module
  • Add a Featured Lens module
  • Add a Featured Lensmaster Module
  • Add a Blackbox Module
  • Add Bold tags to your main keywords
  • Add title tags to your links
  • Add alt tags to your images
The main thing is, just make some changes. Changes of any kind and a fresh publish can help your visitors stats change over night!
A good example of this is my State Quarters Collectors Lens. This lens is one of my favorites, because I love to collect the state quarters. I have several state quarter coin folders full right now! With this lens, I had somehow managed to kill all traffic to it earlier in the year. But I added the lens to my weekly edit list and it has slowly came back to life! After several weeks of edits, it has finally got some visitors again!

So add a label to your dashboard. Label it weekly edits, then add your best lenses to that label. Keep them with fresh content, then come back here and comment with your results!

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  1. I was wondering if making a product change in a module would count. Glad I found this post to confirm the thought.

    That will be nice for times that I'm tapped for content ideas or just dead tired :).