Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Endangered Animal Species

When the Critters in a Jam company contacted me about building their website a squidoo lens, I was very excited to get started. You see Critters in a Jam is a very unique gift idea for animal lovers.

Here is how Critters in a Jam describes their product...

We take a plush toy animal, currently listed on The Endangered Species List, and place it into a plastic replica of a typical jelly jar. The animal is slightly larger than the jar, causing the animal to be "squashed" into the jar giving the appearance of being a

What these are is a stuffed animal that is on the endangered animal species list is stuffed inside a Jam jar. The label gives information about each endangered animal. The coolest part is each time Critters in Jam gets a sale, they give $1.00 to the National Wildlife Federation to help support endangered animals.

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