Friday, August 14, 2009

Keep the squidoo lens fresh!

My blog here is a perfect example of letting your content get stale! I haven't posted a new blog here since May 10th! Google has came and goon several times and walked away unhappy because the google bots didn't find anything new to chew on.
So my Squidoo Help Topic will be Freshness!

Ok so you built that squidoo lens about 2 months ago, you haven't edited since the first time you published it, and now your wondering why google hasnt shown it any love and send you thousands of visitors, right?
It's because you havent done any more work on it! Google loves fresh content! Relevent fresh content is even better! So go ahead, open up your favorite lens in edit mode and let's make some changes, or add some new content.

There is always more you can include on your squidoo lens.
Did you add a link list module? Having links for your visitor to click on will help your lens rank better. Each time a visitor clicks a link you have on your lens, it counts as a click out. How about adding another Video Module? I'm sure your visitors will love to see another video on your topic. The main thing is, add some more content. Make the content relevent to your topic. So the next time google stops by to rank your site, you have some fresh content for the google bot to chew on!

Fast Fact about Squidoo Lens:
Did you know the google bot will come by more often if you make regular updates to your squidoo lens!

Now if I could just practice what I am preaching with my blog here, I would get all kinds of traffic!

As always, if you need any help, I am at our service!

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