Sunday, August 16, 2009

Space Shuttles and Space Station

The other day, a friend and me was chatting about the NASA Space Program. We were talking about the Space Shuttles and their role in building the International Space Station. We were trying to find out certain information about the space program. I decided to search Squidoo to see what my fellow lensmasters had built about the topic. I was pretty shocked to see so few lenses on the subject.
So you know what my first thought was.... that's right, time to get building! So without further ado... I would like to present to you... a lens about the

The International Space Station got it's first nuts and bolts in 1998. Over 11 years later, the International Space Station has become a floating truck stop in space for astronauts from many countries. All taking a part in the construction of this massive International Space Station

and a lens about.....

The Space Shuttle Enterprise never saw orbital space flight as it was originally built to do. Instead NASA used the Space Shuttle Enterprise for many test throughout the years. The Space Shuttle Enterprise was finally retired and turned over to the Smithsonian Institution in 1985, where it became a museum exhibit! Space Shuttle Enterprise

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